misconceptionYou may remember last weeks news where the New York Attorney General fined 19 companies a total of $350,000 for creating and publishing fake reviews for their clients.

Because of what happened with the companies in question, their reputations will forever be tarnished with bad juju.  For any company that has been thinking of doing the same, should take heed of this fateful tale of trouble and bad legal karma.

Any company who is concerned about their reputation should really stop and think about any current and future plans to do create fake content for the sake of their clients.

With these unfortunate bits of news already behind us, researchers at the Harvard Business School have further contributed to the media coverage, as well as conducted a study that has clouded the reality of Yelp’s review filter.   has written an article on Moz centered on dispelling four misconceptions that many would come to if they read the publications written by those at Harvard.

Check out David’s written article about these misconception by following the link below: