How to Combine Screaming Frog Data with Google Analytics Data

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Screaming-frog-logoScreaming Frog can be a pretty nice SEO tool to use due to it’s incredible usefulness.  Why is it that some people love this particular tool so much?  There is a lot of data you can obtain by using Screaming Frog on your website, or somebody else’s site.  In case you haven’t used the tool before, you can find broken links, check for your Google Analytics code on all pages, and you can follow all the redirects and find out the redirect paths in a website.  Not too shabby for a free tool.

Sure, you can use this tool on it’s own and you’ll be just fine while you’re doing your SEO.  But there’s more you can do with the data you find from within Screaming Frog.  You can combine the data found within the tool with your Google Analytics data.  For those who never really knew this, or who never thought about doing it, a guide has been written just for this occasion by Jim Seward, who works as an SEO specialist.

In the guide, Jim shows us how you can use Screaming Frog data to help perform a content audit.  To check out his guide, you can head on over to the Moz Blog at Moz.com and check it out!  Or, simply follow the link below and head straight to his post.

Moz Blog: How to Combine Screaming Frog Data with Google Analytics Data

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