ppc-rankingThere are a number of folks who, with the best of intentions, will take on PPC with out the help of a professional SEO.  After all, it makes sense that these people would try out marketing all on their own, since Google makes it easy to do it.

Granted, out of all of those do-it-yourselfers, there are some who’ve managed to actually find some moderate success at PPC, but they also had a day job.  This is where it gets tricky to stay on top of every new feature, strategy and trend that are essential for staying ahead in the PPC game.  Plus, it’s difficult to monitor and optimize their account daily when they have so many other important things to do in their jobs.

In the end, quite a few of these people who take on PPC themselves will end up trying to get some help from a professional.  In  agency, some of their clients are those who tried out doing the PPC thing themselves at first. After seeing the client’s previous attempts at PPC prior to asking for help, there were some common mistakes that they all made.

In an article written by Pauline, we’ll be looking at these mistakes.  So, if you’re a DIY sort of person, try making sure you don’t fall for these common pitfalls.  So, what are these mistakes?  Check out Pauline’s post on Search Engine Land to find out!

Search Engine Land: 3 Common Mistakes Made In Do-It-Yourself PPC