Is Company Blog Broken? Is There An Ignored Metric That Could Save It?

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BlogThese days with so many companies and businesses going digital with websites, blogs and all of the online stuff in between, you’d think that working hard on what’s on your site would be a pretty important thing to deal with.  You want to make sure that the SEO is good, the content is great, and the marketing is done well.

But there’s one aspect that some company websites tend to not do very well.  That’s the company blog.  Now, before we go any farther, there’s the idea of what makes a successful blog.  Well, first of all, there’s the content itself.  Naturally, you’ll want to make sure the content you have on the blog worth the read.  You want quality content.  I know, more of this quality content stuff.  We seem to hear about this “content is king” stuff all the time now it seems.  But it’s still true, you want content that’s really well done.

In addition to well written content, and this is something that goes hand in hand with great content, you’ll want engagement with said content.  Sometimes, the success of engagement and overall success of the blog as a whole has a lot to do with perception.  Some would call it a success if a post has a lot of shares on on e particular social network.  Some would call that just ok, as many blogs allow you to share on multiple social networks.  So a high number of shares on Twitter and zero on Facebook…would you call that a success, or just ok?  Finally, you have comments.  Just because you have a lot of shares doesn’t mean your blog is a success.  What if you have no comments?  Some would call that an epic fail, regardless of the social shares.

The matter of perception is a part of what on particular writer for Moz talks about in his own blog post, The Broken Art of Company Blogging (and the Ignored Metric that Could Save Us All).  That writer is Dan Shure.  In his post, Dan writes about how you would perceive success on a blog post, as well as includes five business blogging myths.  Dan also explains why successful company blogs are earning comments from readers.  That’s something I think we all could learn from.

To check out all the details from Dan’s post, you can follow the link below and read on!

Moz Blog: The Broken Art of Company Blogging (and the Ignored Metric that Could Save Us All)

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