image_interviewHaving to deal with the situation of interviewing and hiring somebody for a job can be a choir.  It’s time consuming, and it’s expensive.  Plus, you’re always taking the risk that you may have to fire them if they aren’t doing a good enough job.  Even that requires money to deal with.  The cost of hiring and firing people can get pretty high up there.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel in the UK says that 11% of people that get hired using the interview process will actually work out.  So how can you increase the chance of getting a quality candidate for the requested job opening?  It’s not necessarily with the possible job hunter.  At least, not in the beginning steps.  It all actually starts with you, the interviewer.  You’ve got to make sure you’re asking not just good questions, but the right ones.  Without them, you will probably be letting in more riffraff into the workplace than you really want.  That’s an expense you just don’t want to have to deal with.

If you, as somebody who is looking to hire an SEO professional to your team, is looking for a way to be sure you beat the odds of hiring a bad job applicant, you may want to check out the post written by  on YouMoz.  In this post, David provides details of poor SEO interview question, followed by some good SEO examples.

To check out David’s post, you can visit the following link and see what it takes not to be a good job applicant trying for an SEO position, but a good interviewer.

YouMoz:  Competency Based Interview Questions for Hiring SEO Professionals