In this SEMrush video you’ll learn why you’re missing out BIG TIME if you’re not doing a regular competitive analysis and we’ll give you a 6-steps guide to build your research process.

We’ll discuss why you need an ongoing competitor analysis in Digital Marketing and how often you should be doing it. Competitor analysis is typically carried out to identify strengths and weaknesses of other market players, define your company’s standing in relation to them, highlight gaps, and estimate your potential and opportunities to fill them.

So what are the fundamental 6 steps?

  1. Get updates on the performance of your competition
  2. Analyze the SEO efforts of your rivals and check what strategies they’re using
  3. Check your competition’s ads and get marketing ideas
  4. See what your competitors are doing in the Content Marketing and PR departments
  5. Check the Social Media accounts of the competition and analyze their activities and audiences
  6. Review your findings while keeping your own strategy in mind