Effective content marketing is a vehicle for today’s SEO.

If your vehicle didn’t have an engine, it wouldn’t get very far.  It’s the same for content.  Without an SEO strategy, it can’t keep up in a digital marketplace.  Just like an engine without wheels, SEO without content is a vehicle that isn’t going anywhere.

Content needs SEO in order to stand out from all the mediocre blog posts and web sites these day.  According to Google, one of the top three ranking factors for organic search is “content.”

But obviously, not any old content will work though, right?  It’s a bummer that we haven’t been given any checklists for “High-quality content” by search engines.  More than likely, they probably won’t either.  Luckily we have people on the outside trying to figure this stuff out.

We have somebody who has taken the time to try creating that checklist for the rest of us, and that person would be , who posted it on Search Engine Land.

[Check out the full article and checklist here]

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