Complete YouTube Ads Strategy to Grow Your Channel

Back in April, YouTube’s parent company, Alphabet released their Q1 2021 results, stating that the video sharing website brought in $6 billion in ad revenue, which is up 49% year over year.

This is why running video ads in front of YouTube videos can be an amazing business and money making opportunity for your HVAC brand.

YouTube has been gradually eating through the video landscape, meaning more people are watching content on their home TV sets than they ever have before.

YouTube’s chief product officer Neal Mohan provided some new insight on this shift, noting that:

“Though mobile still makes up the largest percentage of how content is consumed on the platform, our fastest growing viewing experience is on the TV screen. Last December, over 120 million people in the U.S. streamed YouTube or YouTube TV on their TV screens. And there’s another interesting viewing behavior emerging. A new generation of viewers chooses to watch YouTube primarily on the TV screen: Also in December, over a quarter of logged-in YouTube CTV viewers in the U.S. watched content almost exclusively on the TV screen.”

In this Ahrefs video, we’ll learn how to use YouTube ads to grow your YouTube channel and business.

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