Google And BingWhat would you say the biggest search engine is?  What do you think the second biggest search engine is?  For the most part, people would say that the biggest search engine these days is easily Google, and in second place, would be Bing.  According to the numbers provided by comScore for the US search market for July 2015, Google has claimed about two-thirds of organic search, while Bing controls about one-third.

As far as non-network share is concerned, Bing gained 0.1 percent in July, as did Ask.  Google was flat with 64 percent, which is a number that hasn’t gone up or down for the last three months.  But a minor bummer for Google, their market share is down from 67.6 percent from a year ago.


The combined efforts of Bing and Yahoo in July accounted for 33.1 percent of the market share.  Soon, AOL will be a Bing-powered search property.  If we were able to count AOL into Bing’s share, their search hare would be 34.3 percent of all query volume.

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