comscoreBack in April, comScore, a media measurement firm, bought the Digital Intelligence unit of market research firm Millward Brown, which built the unit around its previous purchase ow web traffic analysis firm Complete.

comScore had launched a PRO web traffic service, based on what Complete (comScore’s competitor) had provided.

That same day in April saw Millward Brown say it was “transitioning its Digital Intelligence unit to comScore.  The two companies, plus SimilarWeb, a market intelligence firm, announced a partnership “to collaborate on digital data and product integrations.”

comScore said this week that it is “sunsetting” its Compete-powered PRO platform by the end of this year.  Another thing that comScore announced was a partnership with SimilarWeb, where it recommends that PRO customers sign up for a traffic analysis servce SimilarWeb offers, which is also called PRO.

The chief commercial offficer at SimmilarWeb, Carlar Bourque, said that comScore will stll be offering Complete’s business insights and custom solution services thaat it acquired from Millard Brown.

Even though comScore/Complete PRO and SimilarWeb Pro provide web traffic analysis, Bourque said that Complete focused on monthly reports about US traffic, while SimilarWeb offers more globally focused daily reports that also include mobile app traffic.

According to Bourque, comScore customers, will be receiving an unspecified discount for “a short time” if they sign up with SimilarWeb.  Otherwise there aren’t any advantages for comScore customers.  The SimilarWeb service will continue to remain seperate.  Also, there won’t be any integration between the dashboards or data feeds.

Bourque had declined to provide a reason why comScore dropped its recently acquired Compete PRO service. Compete, Inc. had been purchased in 2008 by market info firm Taylor Nelson Sofres, which itself was bought later that year by British PR firm WPP, owner of Millward Brown.

When I asked comScore why they were closing down the PRO service after only a few months, they provided this statement:

“This partnership

[between comScore and SimilarWeb] allows comScore and SimilarWeb to focus their efforts on their core business expertise. This allows each of us to provide the best solution that delivers maximum impact to meet the data intelligence needs of our clients.”

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