Google PageRankThe day has finally come when Google has confirmed that they are officially removing the Toolbar PageRank.  So if you’re still using the tool, or a browser that show off Google PageRank data, it will begin not showing any data at all within the next couple of weeks.

Although Google still continues to use PageRank data internally within the ranking algorithm, the external PageRank values that have, up to this point, been shown in the Toolbar are going to be going away completely.

This news shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody, as Google continuously stripped away PageRank from their Toolbars and browsers over the years.  Plus, the PageRank scores hadn’t seen an update in years either.

Learn more about Google PageRank here.

For more reading on the subject of Google’s removal of PageRank, check out the story written by Danny Sullivan named RIP Google PageRank score: A retrospective on how it ruined the web.

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