Google-Maps-ImageDo you have a business?  Are you connected to Google+ business pages?  Are  you up and running on Google Maps?  Well then, you may want to listen up for this, as this relates to you.  Google is allowing you to connect your Google+ business page to your local business listings on Google Maps.  This may not be ground breaking stuff, but hey, it’s still something that can be pretty neat for your online community and marketing efforts.

If this is something that you wish to do, you can check out the help page on Google that will give detailed directions on connecting your Google+ business page to your Google Maps verified listing.  By doing this, your page will be connected to Google Maps, and your business information, including the business address, Google Maps reviews, business hours and more will be added.  Don’t worry about loosing any of your followers, posts, and page managers.  They will all remain there and intact.

There are a number of businesses that have multiple Google + pages listed in their Google+ manager page.  This is something that will help combine at least two of them.

But how does it work?

You can check out how you can do this by reading  full post on Search Engine Land called “Connect Your Google+ Business Page To Your Google Maps Listing.”

Just follow the link below!

Search Engine Land: Connect Your Google+ Business Page To Your Google Maps Listing