Consent “isn’t going to work” for progmmatic or direct-sold advertising under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This is the conclusion of Johnny Ryan, who is the head of ecosystem at anti-ad-blocking solutions provider PageFair.  Over the past two years, he tried to figure out how GDPR is supposed to work, given the current digital ad environment.

Although there are some exceptions, he pointed out, GDPR specifies that publishers and advertisers need to consent from each user to employ their personal data to target ads.

This personal data includes info that cn be used to help pinpoint an individual, but for GDPR, that includes IP addresses and browsing trails, as well as email addresses.  Consent needs to itemize each use, which PageFair says is at lease 10 different opt-ins for digital ads, including showing relevant ads, creating a profile based on your browsing habits, seeing if you interacted with an ad and so on.

“Consent is the only possible basis [for targeted digital advertising],” Ryan told me, “but it’s unworkable.”

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