When To Consider A Backlink Cleanup

Backlinks There is always a ying and yang to everything, a good and a bad.  This is certainly the case with links.  We all know that there are great, high quality links that everybody can benefit from, but then there are those links that aren’t so great.  There are those links that are low-quality, and just….not good for your site at all.  In fact, bad links could do more harm to it than good.

Nowadays, everybody in the SEO world is dealing with harmful backlink removals.  We hear about it in SEO news, we see tutorials on how to get rid of backlinks that could do us wrong.

Removing these bad links isn’t really the issue we came here to discuss.  We all know we want to remove anything that could mean bad things for our sites.  What we came here for is discover when is it a good time to do a cleanup of your backlink profile.  Jon Ball has written up a Search Engine Land post on this subject, and it may be a good thing to take a look at for the explicit reason to find out when we should do a little backlink house cleaning.

Are you considering conducting a massive backlink cleanup?  When is a good time to do a clean up of your bad links?  Check out Jon’s Search Engine Land post to answer these questions and more.  Just follow the link below.

Search Engine Land: When To Consider A Backlink Cleanup