This is the Second Episode in a series, for some reason infographics was a big issue. Ammon Johns -Web Marketing Director alltThingsweb, Jennifer Slegg – founder&editor of The SEM Post, Lyndon Antcliff, head of strategy and training for Cornwall SEO
00:07:09 Jennifer said The SEM Post never going to publish infographics, so if you trying to do so (and she is getting offers every day) just forget it.
Ammon has confessed that London Underground Map is the best infographics ever made.
And Lyndon proclaimed Blog being the best type of Content ever, as it has been with us for a thousand years.

00:04:09 Does the amount of available media confuse people?
00:12:13 I hate listicles, but they work – Lyndon
00:16:53 The Best Infographics Ever! – Ammon
00:27:29 If you writing an article check how it looks on Mobile – Jen
00:30: 36 Only 25% Of the people who shared viral post actually read it
00:32:09 When Rand (Fishkin) RT my articles they got a lot of traffics – Jen
00:38:45 Blog is the best type of Content – Lyndon
00:41:16 Cross-channel Marketing
00:49:41 How much metal is in the human body?

If you haven’t seen Episode 1 here is the link