SEO-Content-MarketingIt seems like expense is always going to be around.  If you want something done, you have to pay for it somehow.  But unfortunately, as time goes on, it seems expense is always going to keep going up.  Based on new research, brands are investing over $40 billion in content every year.  Because online content marketing budgets are going up, it’s important that marketers make sure their content and SEO efforts are maximized effectively to get the best ROI possible.

For many, it seems like content marketers and SEOs have always been separate from each other.  Due to this, there was always a little bit of strife between these two “factions”.  There would be fighting over SEO change implementation, templates, tags, timing on site releases, and more.

Even with the differences between SEOs and content marketers, there is a fusion of media.  Because of this fusion, you’ve got a fusion of minds as well. These two sides are going to be able to work better together, with better synergy.

In a post on Search Engine Land by , discusses the differences between the SEOs and content marketers we just saw, and goes beyond it.  In his article, Jim will give us a three step content and SEO framework to help you drive ROI for your business, and more.

To read up on Jim’s article, just follow the link below and learn how SEOs and content marketers can better get along.

Search Engine Marketing: Content & SEO Alignment: 3 Steps To Create The Perfect Win-Win