Is Your Content Strategy Guided by Audience Intent (or Just Keywords)?

Target audience resized 600 When it comes down to website content, what is your strategy?  Are you writing content based on what the audience wants to see, or are you letting keywords guide your path?  The answer you give can have a big impact on the content you have on your site.  You can probably already deduce which strategy is going to have a better impact on your audience, content versus keyword optimizing.

There are strategies that are too often used where site owners will focus on keyword research, keyword optimized landing pages, and keyword loaded content.  Can we really think this is the best way to bring quality content to the people?  No way.  People want quality content, not an article loaded with the same words obviously being repeated over and over again.  This is an old-school approach for content.

What needs to be focused on is the audience.  Sure, having a nice, optimized page with a good meta description, clean URL, great layout and navigation, and more, but the key to really bringing in people is the content.  The look and feel of the page won’t matter much if your content sucks.  You’ve got to have content that serves a purpose.  Content is what’s going to make a difference between being on top and simply being like everybody else.  Content is what connects you and your audience.  It helps to build a relationship with them.

The focus of this blog post, along with the following and related link, all comes down to audience intent and the content strategy that’s guided by it.  Laura Lippay has written a post that discusses content strategy, audience intent, and even gives real-life examples of content vs lifestyle and articles vs great content.

To check it out, follow the link over to Laura’s article below.

Moz Blog: Is Your Content Strategy Guided by Audience Intent (or Just Keywords)?