shutterstock_107853074-storm-300x198If you know anything about weather, you may have heard of a thing called a convergence zone.  A convergence zone is the areas where two flows of fast moving air come together to  creating distinctive weather conditions.

Using this analogy, we can say that we are in the middle of a convergence zone between the web and the current state of native mobile apps.  With the web and native mobile apps coming together, we could end up with some incredibly interesting conditions in search.

The past couple of weeks has shown two announcements that seem to help us imagine such an interesting convergence.  Google has announced a partnership with Uber where a link can be placed into Google Maps for iOS and Android to pick up an Uber when requesting walking directions.  Secondly, Facebook has announced a new initiative dubbed App Links, which allows them to go into the world of deep-linking and potentially native search.

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The Convergence Of Mobile Apps & Search Is Happening. Get Ready!