How To Do Conversion Rate Optimization When You Don’t Have Much Traffic

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Conversion-rate-optimizationMany of us who have had the pleasure of starting our own websites knows that it can be quite difficult to get people to visit your website.  After all, it’s brand new, and barely anybody knows about it.  It will ultimately take a little while to get the word out there that the site exists, and even longer to get others to begin visiting it.

In a case like this, your traffic is going to be pretty low.  Because of the low number of visitors to your site, your conversion rate will also be relatively low as well.  It’s just going to be a fact of life until you can get a higher volume of traffic to your site coming in.

Low traffic volume or not, you still want to make sure you do conversion optimization for your site.  On a bigger, more traffic worn site, you’ll simply test different versions of a page and see which page gives up the most conversion results.  For sites that aren’t getting much traffic, you can go about conversion optimization as well, but just a little differently.

Mark Johnson gives us 8 things you can do to make your CRO more effect, despite not having much traffic.  The post that lists Mark’s examples can be found on the Moz Blog, and you can find them easily by following the link below.

Moz Blog: How To Do Conversion Rate Optimization When You Don’t Have Much Traffic

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