How To Cook Up A Social Media Automation Dish Using One Simple IFTTT Recipe

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Social media logotype backgroundIFTTT is a pretty cool idea.  It can certainly makes things a lot easier once it’s set up and ready to go.  But, what is IFTTT  you ask?  Not everybody knows what it is yet.  IFTTT is short for If This Then That.  What this service does is simple.  If you do one thing in one channel, then something else will happen in another.  As an example, you can take a picture in Instagram, and after it’s up and online, IFTTT will automatically upload the picture you took to Dropbox.

Well, HostingKingdom has been looking around for some easy ways to use IFTTT in regards to social media.  He wanted to use IFTTT so that once he’d published something new on his blog, IFTTT would automatically share the blog post to all of his social media feeds, like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.  This would certainly make things much easier and less time intesnive, as you wouldn’t need to post the news about your newly published blog update on each social media channel individually.

HostingKingdom has written up a “recipe” for everybody that will help you “cook up” a fully automated social network sharing dish that uses IFTTT.  To read up on his full report, click on over to the original post by following the link below:

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