Coping With Enhanced Campaigns & The Problem Of Modifier Stacking

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Enhanced  campaignsThere are always going to be new things for people to use that will help SEOs get farther along in their campaigns.  Several months back, Search Engine Land made a prediction.  They thought that more and more people would find Enhanced Campaigns and mobile modifiers as something that would be useful in their work, especially if they utilized it well.

What are Enhanced Campaigns and mobile modifiers you ask?  Not everybody is going to know what these are.

According to Clickerz.com, “Bid modifiers allow advertisers to change keyword bids based on the searcher’s location, the day and time, and whether the searcher is using a smartphone or some other device. The modifiers are applied in real time during the auction when a Google user’s search triggers your paid search ad, and alter your base keyword bid in response to these ‘secondary signals.'”

But the problem is that with these modifiers, they have to be applied on top of each other in a stack.  Normally, there is no problem with this, as long as the effects that are being targeted are totally independent of each other.  But there’s always the fact that this isn’t always going to happen.  The effects won’t be independent of each other.  This could be the problem.

George Michie has written up an article on this problem on Search Engine Land.  Check out George’s full analysis on the problem by clicking on the link below:

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