Should You Copy A Top Site’s SEO?

Amazon logo When you look at a highly successful website, you figure out that what ever they’re doing to rank on the search engines the way they do, get the exposure on Google the way the do, to get the customers the way they do, it’s pretty easy to get jealous of that success, especially when your website isn’t at the same level of search success.

At this point, you begin to think, what should I do to emulate their success?  What will it take to get to their level?  Well, if you want to get to their level, perhaps you should do exactly what they did to get their.  Just follow the same SEO path and whammo!  You’ve got yourself up to the same success level of your previously more successful competitor.

It’s pretty natural to want to follow the same path as a successful online business website to get to where they are, but is this really such a good idea?  Should you be taking the exact same route as they did to acquire success for yourself?  Copying the SEO of your competitor may not be such a good idea.  After all, there are other ways to get to the top, right?  There are always different means to an end.  There’s never ever just one path to success with your online business/website.

There’s an article written by on Search Engine Land that discusses whether or not you should be copying the SEO of not just a more successful site, but that of a top site.  In the case of that post, Amazon is the big example in this case.  We all know that Amazon is a pretty huge player in the online business, and their continued success can be attributed to good SEO and good customer opinion (well that last one would certainly have to be a big point, or Amazon wouldn’t be as big as they are, would they?)

Tom discusses in this post that just because a site like Amazon is doing great, doesn’t mean you should be copying their SEO to get where they are.  Can Amazon teach us about SEO?  Perhaps, but perhaps not.  Check out Tom’s post by following the link below.

Search Engine Land: Should You Copy A Top Site’s SEO?