CortanaIn San Francisco next week, Windows 0 is going to be unveiled for the press.  One of the features that is going to make it’s debut with the this newest iteration of Windows is reportedly going to be the virtual assistant Cortana.

According to some evidence found by a German site as well as a discussion on Neowin, Cortana is going to be a main feature for Windows 9.  It seemed to be only a matter of time that the Cortana system would find its way from the mobile Windows Phones to the main OS eventually.

Here is an excerpt from Neowin:

“As of right now, Cortana is an app; it’s a simple app that opens up the personal digital assistant where you can then either type in your question or ask verbally inside a smallish window. It’s not a full screen experience like you see on Windows Phone.

The app itself currently looks similar to that of Windows Phone, but takes up roughly 25% of your display with Cortana being in the center; Cortana maintains her circle shape and is animated too.”

It seems that, like it or not, Cortana is going to be not simply a cool little feature found within Windows 9, but it will be deeply integrated into it.  The question is, because of Cortana’s inclusion into Windows 9, what will this mean for Bing?  Will they co-exist, or will Cortana do a full take over of Bing and kick the search engine to the curb?

Because Cortana is used on Windows phones just like Siri on iPhones, it can be save to assume that you will probably be able to do the same with Cortana on Windows 9.  This is why the question arises on whether Bing will be subordinated to Corana in the new OS.

Original Source by Greg Sterling