newspaper-graphic-for-webWhen it comes to the news, it looks like Facebook is willing to give up their advertising revenue to bring news to readers faster.

In a report by the Wall Street Journal today, Facebook is offering to let publishers keep all of the revenue from certain ads, if they will post the content on Facebook.

For the last several months, Facebook been trying to negotiate with major publishers to host their content.  The motive behind this offer is to improve the news reading experience for users, mainly those who are frustrated by slow-loading news bits when using mobile devices.

If the content is hosted directly on Facebook, the load time would be faster, but the cost to publishers in lost ad revenue and data would be pretty significant.

What the Journal is saying about the deal is that Facebook is offering to let publishers keep all of the money earned through ads they sell against Facebook hosted content.  Facebook would keep about 30% of ads it sells.

This new type of Facebook hosted news would be called “Instant Articles,” and it could launch as early as next month.

Find out more at the Wall Street Journal (paywall).

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