A new design seems to be rolling out from Google for the mobile version of the local pack, which is the local results that are displayed in web search.

One of the first people to see this design was Phillip Barnhart, and more people have begun seeing them as well.

The Google local pack is now showing a heavier graphical layout.  Images that are both wider and larger from the business can be scrolled and slide through directly in the local pack.  Blumenthal posted the following on his blog:

Below is the old design for the same query:

I was unable to replicate the same query at the time of this writing.

It’s possible that some may be able to see it.  There are many who say that you have to be using the Chrome browser on your mobile device to see this new design, although there are some who can see it on Safari as well.  It seems like it must not be fully rolled out yet.

Google has yet to confirm this as of October 18.

This update makes scrolling through local results a lot more visually appealing for users, as the larger sized graphics give you a better representation of the business.

It seems that now, as a business or as an SEO, images are even more important.  It’s is a good idea to make sure your images are clear, and represent your marketing focus to a tee.

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