Could Virtual Reality Become The New Normal In Email Marketing?

Virtual reality When it comes to consumer technology, it looks like immersion is the next big milestone.  These days, we as consumers have an ever expanding range of virtual reality technologies at our fingertips.  Consumers are at a point were they are ready to consume content, not just as regular spectators as we are all used to, but as participants in a 360-degree, three dimensional universe.

When we think of virtual reality, the first thing we think of is just movies and video games.  But what if there’s more to it?  In actuality, there is.  There are more practical applications of immersive VR experiences than just games and movies.  Because VR is now more widespread than ever before, it can be used as a prime target for email marketers.

But how is this possible?  How could you marketing your products or brands to people using VR?  Well,  has got some answers for us!  In an article he wrote on Marketing land, Jason talks about how VR could be used to market to potential clients and customers.

Check out the link below for the info!

Marketing Land: Why Virtual Reality May Become The New Normal In Email Marketing