How To Create Case Studies To Improve Your Social Media

Case study image As an SEO, have you ever been asked to provide case studies for a perspective client?  It’s not fun.  When the inevitable question is asked, you’ll probably be scurrying around with your head cut off trying to find all the data and information you need to give the client what they are asking for.  Who knows, case study creation could end up becoming old hat after a while.

What does it take to create a case study?  is willing to tell us!  Ric has written a post for Marketing Land that details the things that goes into creating a case study for any client.  After all, case studies have been a part of his Standard Operating Procedures for a while now, so he’s pretty experienced with it by this point.

So, what does it take to be able to make case studies that will improve your social media?  You can follow the link below and let Ric tell you all about it!

Column: How To Created Case Studies To Improve Your Social Media