How to Create a Prioritized SEO Action Plan

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Plan of actionHey there all of you SEOs out there!  I’m sure that by now you’ve spent a lot of time reading SEO blogs and trying to find new tricks and tips for improving your own strategies.  By now, we’ve seen quite a few posts out there that are meant to review a site, identify SEO problems and propose solutions.

From the SEO standpoint, simply giving a client a list of solutions to their SEO needs isn’t always going to do the trick.  With a checklist of to-do items given in a random order, anybody would be more confused as to which item on the list they should tackle first.  This makes things more of a problem, and things are more than likely to not get done.

I think from all of our own personal experiences, if we have a list of household chores to do, doesn’t it make it easier if you list and complete each task in order of priority?  If you start with the most important first, or the easiest first, and go from there, it makes things easier and your chores will probably get done in a more complete and orderly fashion.

The same thing can be applied to SEO.  If you want to get things done, it’s a great idea to take all of the issues of a client’s website and put them in a prioritized order of what needs to be done first, second, third, and so one.  Kristina Kledzik has written up a great post for Moz that could really help out both SEOs and their clients get things done.

Kristina states that
“Clients and managers will be much more likely to implement your recommendations if you propose clear, concrete action plans that prioritize steps based on expected cost and benefit.

Are you interested in checking out her full column on Moz?  If so,  you can follow the link below to get there:

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