Content can be categorized into three broad buckets.

The first category, content that generates traffic, is probably the most well understood. This content is the bread and butter of SEO. You’re creating a piece of content that’s designed to drive traffic from organic search. What are the benefits of this type of content? Not only do you help a lot of people, which introduces them to your business, but you also make your website more competitive in search overall. That authority extends to your product pages, landing pages, and so on.

The second category of the content we create is typically billed as “thought leadership” or “linkbait.” Unlike the first type of content, its goal isn’t ranking for keywords, although it might do that anyway. The objective is generating buzz and backlinks.

The last category of content is lead gen content. This content tends to bring in less traffic, but that traffic is higher qualified. We see these visitors download our content offers; they’re the most ”bottom of the funnel” visitors. This content is much closer to revenue than the other two buckets.