Is Custom Web Design Dying? Ten Reasons Why It Could Be

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WebdesignBack in the day, if your website  was utilizing a template, people would say you’re going about it all wrong.  You need to create your own custom look and feel for the site, everything down to the last pixel had to be custom made.  Templates were bad.  If a web designer made a site that looked too much like a template, the customer would ditch the design because it seemed to be not custom enough.  They wanted to look different.

But now, simple design and templates are becoming more mainstream and are more widely accepted by people.  It doesn’t matter as much anymore if the design is made by a web designer or not.  A site doesn’t always have to be created by a professional web designer.  With the help of such sites as WordPress.org, more people can created nice looking sites without the need of a professional.

Marvin Russell, a contributor for Moz, posted an article about the ten reasons why he feels custom web design is a thing of the past.

You can find the entire article here by following the link below:

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