Customer Match: Common Questions & How To Answer Them

Google adwords redwhite 1920 Last year, Google released what they called Customer Match, which is basically a way of building remarketing lists in AdWords.  There was a number of PPCers who have seen a shift in focus from keywords to audiences, and Customer Match (the Customer Match tool is an audience-focused tool) is something that promised to revolutionize the way we’re able to communicate with customers.

Before, all this customer data was locked behind closed doors in CRM databases for years, and now, it can be tapped as a way to created highly targeted, personalized campaigns.  Customer Match was another bridge that was built between offline and online data.

 and her employer, Periscopix, wanted to begin using Customer Match when it was released, but there ended up being a number of questions that kept coming up.  These questions and concerns ultimately meant that the implementation was slower than expected.

So what were some of the concerns that were raised, not only by the folks at Periscopix, but by the clients as well?  How were they addressed?  Laura covers a number of these concerns in a column she wrote for Search Engine Land.  She tackles some frequently asked questions about the fairly new targeting feature in AdWords.

Check out the article below in the link!

Search Engine Land: Customer Match: Common Questions & How To Answer Them