searchThe US desktop search rankings from comScore for February is out, and according to the newest data, there is almost no changes month over month.  Ultimately, thee was only very incremental movement.

Bing is seeing a continued slight gain, while Ask is seeing a slow sink closer and closer to one percent.  AOL has reached an abysmal 0.0 percent, while Google has gained slightly this month.  Finally, Yahoo has lost 0.2 of a point.


It’s funny that although there’s a huge amount of search volume that’s moved over to smartphone, comScore still has yet to show a combined desktop-mobile view.  It makes me wonder when they’ll finally get on the ball and show us mobile search numbers.


Data source: comScore

By looking at the above chart, we can see that search queries peaked on PC back in 2013, and has gone down since then.  The share of overall search queries that Google has gotten has mirrored the general market trend.

In the mobile world, Google has control of about 90 percent of the market, according to directional indicator StatCounter.  But of course, this may not represent the entirety of the mobile web.

Data: StatCounter

Data: StatCounter

According to Google, the mobile search volumes are exceeding desktop searches in over ten countries, including the US.  If we take the comScore numbers as accurate, that means that Google has seen over double the search volume reflected in the chart above.

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