Could the traditional customer journey be experiencing a game over?

The consumer we see today has fragmented the ancestral sales funnel by wandering freely across channels and devices in search of the best product or deal.  On average, the typical consumer owns more than seven different devices, and uses more than three of them every day.  Marketers are typically only seeing one, according to the Data & Marketing Association’s 2017 Statistical Fact Book.

It’s like a video game, past and present.  The path to purchase has evolved from the classic side-scroller game to an 3-dimensional, and very immersive open world game, where consumers can hopscotch around an open field of narratives in which ever order they like.

Even with the emergence of multitouch attribution, we still can’t hold back holistically tracking this non-linear customer journey.  But, the advancements in attribution have clarified and cemented this new reality, and will continue to do so.  Location data analysis, cross-device tracking  and persistent identity solutions are serving up evidence that the customer journey has become much more complex than what it used to be.

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