A Deep Dive into Google MyAnswers

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Google-logo-plain-featuredHow many of you visit Moz for many of your SEO related articles?  For those long time readers of the Moz blog, you might remember an article entitled SEO in the Personalization Age that was published a few months ago.  In it, Gianluca Fiorelli discussed why SEOs need to be aware of personalization in the SERPs, as well as how Google customizes search results.

Gianluca has written another post for Moz that expands on that original article.  For this post, he will take all of the information that currently exists about MyAnswers and put them in a coherent order that will make it easier to understand.  Additionally, Gianluca will try suggesting things you could do that may spell the difference between winning or losing when it comes to the personalized SERPs.

To read the full post, you can jump over to Moz by following the link provided below.

Moz Blog: A Deep Dive into Google MyAnswers

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