Barry Schwartz sat down with Detlef Johnson at SMX East, to discuss his new efforts with Search Marketing Expo and Search Engine. Since Detlef was one of the first pioneers in the SEO, Barry had to ask about his past, long before it was called SEO.

Back in the 90’s, Detlef ran a popular newsletter discussion forum where a lot of SEOs got information about how search engines worked. Detlef helped run Search Engine Strategies for a number of years, starting in 1999. Now, Detlef now works on bringing more developer focused content to the community with the SEO for Developers track debuting at SMX Advanced 2020 and SEO for developers series on Search Engine Land.

In this interview, the two spoke about how things changed with technical SEO around JavaScript and content management platforms over the years. Despite how things have changed, there are some components from 20+ years ago that are still around and kicking.

SourceBarry Schwartz