It’s been predicted that over half of US homes will have a smart speaker within four years, and marketers have begun strategizing about the best way to proceed.

There is a recent Digitas study, a marketing agency, that addresses some ways in which brands will be able to adapt to a voice-controlled world.  But one finding in “A Brand’s Guide to Taking Back Control in a Voice-Driven World” (free, registration required) does raise the question of how important voice-based buying actually is, as an issue for brands.

The participants in the study (which was conducted online in the US by The Harris Poll) included 2019 users 18 and older, and 557 of them were found to have made purchases using a voice assistant.  This is 28 percent of the sampled users reported that have made a voice-based purchase.

But a report earlier this month in The Information, citing two unnamed people “briefed on [Amazon’s] internal figures,” relayed that only about 2 percent of the users of Amazon Alexa devices have made a purchase in 2018.

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