How to Discover New Opportunities with No Keyword Referral Data

Google took away keywords Keywords are important.  The search industry has taken a bit of a blow as of late with all of the Not Provided keywords that Google has been presenting us with.  Now, it would seem that there is quite the possibility that 100% of search referral data might be hidden from the organic search over at Google’s search engine.

It might take a little bit of work and a dash of cleverness, but overcoming this obstacle isn’t impossible.  There are those marketers who will find a way to do things differently in their marketing campaigns and be able to stand out from everybody else.

After watching one of Rand’s whiteboard videos, which talks about the possible existence of search term referral data, Dave Rekuc wanted to write an article for Moz that discusses Rand’s talk of the importance of keywords, keyword data gaps and how to fill those gaps with other data. More specifically, Dave wanted to get more into specific techniques based on what Rand spoke about.

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