According to an announcement made by Google, all of Disney’s US theme parks are now available on Google Street View.  Users have the ability to take visual Street View tours of parks outside the US, such as those in Paris and Shanghai.

The idea behind Street View allows users to take a virtual walk around almost all of the park’s attractions and rides.  This is a way for people to check out the park as a preview before they go there.  Street View covers every continent on Earth, including Antarctica.

Despite how much you can do with Street View these days, there’s still limited or no coverage in places like Africa, parts of India and Asia.  Back in 2008, when Street View first launched, it immediately raised privacy concerns, which still persist in places like Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic.

Street View began as a research project at Stanford University before Google acquired it and officially launched the street-level photography in 2007.  Google announced in 2012 that Street View vehicles and photographers had covered over 5 million miles.

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