Display Is The New Search: A Familiar Battle With Fraud

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Logistics-fraudIt seems like there’s always coming to be some sort of epidemic, whether it’s in the real world on online.  Who remembers Google’s 2006 AdWords addition of “invalid clicks” and “invalid click rates” metrics?  This particular epidemic was fraud.  Now, a decade later, it seems like the epidemic has returned, potentially worse now than it was before.  History is now repeating itself.

Why I say it’s worse is simple.  The internet has grown in the last ten years.  Fraud grows with the internet.  With even more sites and targets to play around with, fraudsters are having a field day.  They are using search-era tactics to hit the display system using fake clicks.  Lionel White has written an article on Marketing Land that talks about such a problem.  What’s going on?  What can be done to fix things, or at least get things under control?

Read up on this issue by reading Lionel’s article by following the link below:


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