organic-traffic-570x211In online marketing, knowing who exactly is visiting your site is incredibly valuable.  So what do you do to find out about who’s visiting your site?  You go to directly to your analytics to look at the numbers and statistics.  Even though the analytics will tell you how many people visited your site, and even deeper details like demographics, these data points still can  only tell you so much about your visitors/audience.

No matter how much you go over your analytics, that data won’t tell you your user’s intent.  It’s the intent of your visitors that you need to know in order to act accordingly.  The only problem with intent is that it isn’t as crisp, clean and concise as all the data points you get in your analytics program.

Is it even possible to understand the intent behind the organic traffic that is checking out your website?  If you can manage to figure out some semblance of user intent, what sort of action can you take on this information?

 is here to remind us that it isn’t the search query or the visit to your site, but the intent, the reason, why the user is searching that is important.  If we can get a grip on this, we might be able to better drive conversions.  Neil has a post on Search Engine Land that might help explain how to divine the user intent, and you can check it out by following the link provided below.

Search Engine Land: How To Dissect Your Organic Traffic By Intent & Funnel It Into Sales