keyword-research-headerTo some SEOs and brands, rankings a a very metric to track for SEO success.  But, is this true?  There are sites that rank well for high-volume keywords, but in the end, there isn’t any benefits to be gained because the keywords don’t meet user intent.  In the end, the user leaves the site since they couldn’t find what they’re looking for.  The result is a bad user experience.

It’s pretty obvious that having high search engine rankings is a good thing for any brand or business, but if all you’re getting is traffic with no noticeable increase in conversion, all that traffic is pointless.

For many brands or clients, there will be specific keywords that they’ll want to rank high for since they believe those keywords are valuable.  Many times, in order to make your client happy, after many talks of why these keywords aren’t good targets, you end up using them in the campaigns.

After that client gets to their target position in Google, they are as happy as clams, but they will still come back to you and complain that “I didn’t get the traffic or sales from they keywords that you optimized for.”  This is where you can reeducate the client how ranking high for keywords doesn’t always equal the results you want.  Rankings matter only when they’re delivering performance and business value.

So do keyword rankings even matter anymore?  Is it useful for SEOs to track keyword rankings anymore?  In an article on Search Engine Land,  will weigh in with his opinion.  Check out his post by following the link below.

Search Engine Land: Do Keyword Rankings Even Matter Anymore?