Does Author Authority Still Matter?

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Google authorship markupAugust 28, 2014 marks a sad day for many as Google ended support for authorship markup (aka rel=author) saying that they weren’t going to look at that data any longer.  Google Authorship was a three year experiment that Google announced back in June 2011.

So now that authorship has been dead and gone for seven months now, does this mean that author authority doesn’t even matter anymore?  Well, not really.  It’s just like saying that link building is dead.  It’s alive and well, but just in a different form.

In a post found on Search Engine Land, Eric Enge has written up an article all about authorship and its importance even today.  In Eric’s post, he explains why you should be actively cultivating your authority, as well as discussing the benefits you can get from it.

In the article, Eric answers questions like:

  • Why did Google kill support for Rel-Author?
  • Why build your author authority?  (Especially if rel=author is dead)
  • What about author authority as a ranking factor?

Check out Eric’s post today by following the link provided below!

Search Engine Land: Authorship Is Dead; Long Live Authorship

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