Don’t Be Your Web Marketing’s Worst Enemy

Worst enemy Responsibility.  That’s a big word to a lot of people.  Everybody has to deal with it eventually, regardless of what you want.   wrote an article on Search Engine Land, where he brings up an example of his daughter and responsibility.  Now, as a child, and you want to do something, but suddenly commitments are getting in the way, well, you get into this debate of “We want, but we won’t!”  As the parent, you give options that allow your child to fulfill their commitment, but still do what they want, even if it means not getting to do what they want all the way.  Even then, they still complain and want to try to do things their way.

Stoney related this story of his daughter with conversations with clients that he had in the past.  Many of you SEOs know what this is like.  Clients come to you, pay and ask you to recommend ways to make their web presence and marketing better, and when you DO recommend things, they don’t want to hear it.  It’s just like a child shunning their responsibility because they don’t like what they have to hear.

Stoney’s article, “We Want, But We Won’t” – Don’t Be Your Web Marketing’s Worst Enemy, talks about how clients, who come to you for help, will still reject it, even when they ask for it.  He discusses how all businesses want to became more widely viewed online, but they won’t do what’s required to get there.  Stoney gives us some pointers on how not to be your own web marketing’s worst enemy.

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