Driving PPC And SEO Synergy In Large Enterprises

SynergyAre you part of or running a large enterprise where you are making full SEO and PPC efforts?  If so, it’s possible that a question arose in the form of whether or not you should have a single team hand both SEO and PPC efforts for an enterprise.  Unfortunately, this isn’t exactly an easy question to just say yes or no to.

Sometimes it could be dependent on what your team, in-hose or external, is capable of doing.  Advice given for SEO and PPC don’t always go together like peanut better and jelly.  But on the flip side of the coin, some areas of PPC and SEO can work together quite nicely.

 has written up a post for Search Engine Land that focuses on driving PPC and SEO synergy in large enterprises, and in his article, he runs through some checkpoints that should be put in place in order to make sure valuable information is being transferred between both SEO and PPC teams.

To check out Ted’s list on Search Engine Land, follow the link below to make sure your teams are communicating effectively and working as smoothly together as possible.


How To Drive PPC And SEO Synergy In Large Enterprises