duckduckgo-1920-800x450The newcomer on the block, the privacy search engine, DuckDuckGo, has reported strong growth in 2015.  On one single day on December 14, the search engine reported a single-day high of 12 million searches.

DuckDuckGo was able to generate over 300 million searches during the month of December, and saw an average daily search number increase from 7.7 million in January to 10.8 million in December.

In 2015 DuckDuckGo turned seven years old with a total of 20 developer meetup groups… The growth we saw throughout the year culminated in hitting over 12 million direct searches in one day in December.

–DuckDuckGo Blog
Although the search engine was seeing a steady grown in searches since 2011, the found a sharp increase of searches in 2015.