duckduckgo-1920-800x450DuckDuckGo, the privacy search engine, has shared the news via a tweet yesterday that they’re now displaying MLB (Major League Baseball) scores and upcoming game schedules through instant answers with content pulled form the Bleacher Report.

The tweet announced, “It’s #OpeningDay for Major League Baseball and for @BleacherReport Instant Answers,” and included in the tweet, an image was included of a search for “Giants game.”

Right now, it seems that this Bleacher Report-powered instant answers is working for just the MLB.  If you tried searching for NHL or NBA teams, you’d fail to get the same results.

DuckDuckGo MLB Bleacher Report

If you click on an individual game-score card, you’ll get an expanded card that shows a breakdown of runs per inning, along with hits and error stats for every team.

DuckDuckGo MLB Bleacher Report Score Cards

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