Kitterman Marketing’s Dusty Henry caught up with Rand Fishkin after his keynote at Seattle Interactive Conference on Tuesday, October 29, 2013. He explains the difference between good and great content and how to optimize that great content as you develop it.

Rand Fishkin, Moz:
“For me the difference between good content and great content is…good content delivers on its purpose—it fulfills the need of the user. Great content fulfills that need but also creates this incentive, this desire to want to share and spread the content around. So when I see something that, I think — ‘gosh! I should tweet that, I should put it on Google Plus, I should email a friend’—that to me says, its great content.” “When you’re developing great content I think you should be thinking about how am I going to make this content indexible and accessible to search engines and to users. You should be thinking about how is this going to earn the kinds of signals that I’ll need to perform well, and you should certainly be thinking about the key words and phrases that you want to target and potentially perform for. And that continues all the way through the process right up to the end when you’re doing evangelism and outreach and trying to figure out who’s going to help me amplify this content’s reach so that my content can perform better in competitive search results.”