DynamicAdSo, you’ve worked diligently to collect the data that would allow you to identify meaningful audience segments.  But now that you have the data you need, what do  you do now?

We know that advertisers and marketers love knowing that they are delivering the right messages to the right audience at the right time.  But it’s not a very easy task.  It can take a lot of trial and error. and it can take a while to find your stride.  It can be especially difficult for larger brands who need to scale their advertising to encompass up to millions of products.

Here’s where are hero, dynamic ads, comes in to save the day!  When dynamic advertising comes into play, customized and personalized ads can be created, allowing you to generate dynamic ads based on audience data that you’ve collected.

 has written a column on Marketing Land called “Scaling Programmatic Advertising With Dynamic Ads” where he explains the various flavors of dynamic advertising available to digital marketers.  Some of the flavors include the following:

  • Google’s Product Listing Ads
  • Google’s Dynamic Remarketing Ads
  • Facebook Exchange (FBX) dynamic retargeting
  • Facebook Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs)
  • Third-party dynamic product retargeting

If you’re interesting in finding out more, you can click here for the Matt’s full article on Marketing Land.