black-1271449_960_720Thanksgiving and Black Friday online retail sales have exceeded $5 billion, according to Adobe.  Something even more noteworthy in a way is that mobile devices have contributed a record of $1.2 billion to that $5 billion on Black Friday alone.

There was some mixed data on in-store traffic and sales with some other sources reporting that there was an initial decline vs. last  year, while others reported small in-store gains.  But on a percentage basis, online shopping growth far outpaced store traffic.

Even though retail analysts and the media are focusing on the differences between online and offline shopping, as well as the specifics and trends associated with specific days, Thanksgiving vs Black Friday vs Cyber Monday, consumers are focusing on the broader things, including bargains and over all convenience.  Specific shopping days have given way to “Cyberweek” deals.  Some of these deals started even before Thanksgiving and continue the week after.  A number of Cyber Monday promotions began November 27th, the day before Cyber Monday.

Even though consumers are becoming more “agnostic” about the places they make their purchases, a huge percentage of online shopping is generated from the sites and apps of traditional retailers.  It seems that today, this is one of the totally under-reported stories of e-commerce in this day and age.  For on example, The Macy website was overloaded with traffic.  During the entire day during Black Friday, the site had been unavailable multiple times.

Uusally, the holiday discounts displayed by stores are now tpicaly the same for both online and offline.  This creates less of an urgency for shoppers to come into the store.  Also, with consumers buying online from brick and mortar stores, it’s a plus that they can return those products that are unsatisfactory or don’t work.  With the physical stores, there’s less risk when it comes to online shopping regarding item returns.  Familiar retail brands give consumers even more confidence when shopping online.


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