google-not-provided-200pxIt’s just like watching a nature film, where you’re watching the last fleeting pictures of a creature that is about to go extinct because of something like deforestation.  We are bearing witness to the imminent death of Google organic keyword data, all thanks to Not Provided.  The biggest problem, it seems, is that without keyword data, how will SEOs and marketers effectively measure their success?  Sure, there are other ways and workarounds, but keyword data was a big part of the strategy.

, a contributor to Moz, has written a Moz Blog entry centering around Not Provided and how we can begin dealing with the encroaching danger of  having no more keywords.  In his post, Tim brings to the table some ideas, five to be exact, that will help people deal with keyword targeting and search ROI, and help them come back strong.

To find out what these five ideas are, check out Tim’s blog by following the link below: